Sharing knowledge. Gaining insight. Driving decisions.


Maximize Your Resources with Collaboration

5Share allows local governments to collaborate around unique business ideas and share best practices. More than a simple social network, 5Share is fully integrated with 5Sight business intelligence, allowing users to develop analytic views and share them on a cross-enterprise basis.


5Share was built for the purpose of having professional conversations and collaboration opportunities with business colleagues. 5Share groups can be established on a national, statewide, regional, or custom peer group basis.


5Share groups dialogue on a number of topics related to revenues, expenses, services, etc. They can also share data and files, as well as, conduct group polls and surveys.


Members generally belong to more than one collaboration group. To keep things organized, 5Share was designed with several features to help manage and view news feeds and notifications.



  • Introduce or contribute to professional discussions with various groups
  • Develop small group collaborations to custom build benchmark peers
  • Poll colleagues on topics of relevance
  • Generate surveys with data collection…and turn them into analytics
  • And more...


  • Organized to promote group connections and collaboration
  • Discussions and information sharing at national down to local level
  • All discussion topics are categorized for improved search functionality
  • Document library allows for file sharing per group
  • Customized Twitter lists for each group
  • And more...

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