Sharing knowledge. Gaining insight. Driving decisions.

Maximize Your Resources with Collaboration

5Share allows local governments to collaborate around unique business ideas and share best practices.  More than a simple social network, 5Share is fully integrated with 5Sight business intelligence, allowing users to develop analytic views and share them on a cross-enterprise basis.  For the public sector, 5Share takes the concept of “crowdsourcing” and turns it into a dynamic and creative engine for financial strategy and resource management.  

5Share is redefining the concept of collaborative analytics.

•  Increase your knowledge base with the depth and experience of colleagues in the 5Share network
•  Fast-track your analysis on the budgetary items that will "move the needle" and the areas of highest impact and potential ROI
•  Maximize your communication with facts and rich data visualizations
•  Accelerate your action plan by making data-driven decisions with confidence

The 5Share platform combines powerful business applications with a private collaboration network. This dynamic network for sharing ideas with data and visualizations promotes discovery and innovation. Compare to your peers, view a trend, identify best practices, and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

•  Focus on your data while working through important issues in a group setting
•  Search for solutions and communicate with colleagues
•  Gain and distribute knowledge with purpose

For important financial matters, local governments use 5Share to instantly increase their field of vision and shorten decision time frames. 5Share allows public sector entities to seek best practice methods and better deploy resources. By leveraging powerful data-mining and forecasting tools inside the 5Share collaboration environment, local governments can increase their effectiveness and service delivery.

A game-changing package for local governments in a unique collaboration environment.

5Share Video