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Illinois Salary Survey5Sight fast-tracks insights by combining powerful business intelligence software with ready-to-go data analytics.  Local governments can utilize 5Sight to develop new perspectives on their data, as well as, benchmark their performance against relevant peers.  

Public administrators utilize the analytics in 5Sight to gain a wide perspective on performance metrics and to identify actionable strategies that will help sustain critical public services.  In many cases, 5Sight is delivered on a statewide basis…generating a wide field of view and fast access to data for comparable entities.  

5Sight is Business Intelligence To-Go™, providing users a convenient combination of analytics…

  • Pre-built, interactive data visualizations
  • A powerful ad hoc query engine with engineered data cubes

In 5Sight Visualize, users can accelerate their work flow process by moving directly to the analysis phase of a project. Forecast5 has built interactive visualizations of key data sets to help users avoid spending unnecessary time collecting data and building models.  5Sight users have the ability to create custom views and manage peer groups for each type of analysis.  All of the graphics within 5Sight Visualize are embedded with data for drill-down opportunities and easy numeric export to Microsoft Excel.

5Sight Analyze allows users to build tables and custom reports with predefined dimensions and measures.  With an intuitive user interface, 5Sight Analyze allows you to quickly develop benchmark lists or detailed accounting reports.  Data mining is now as simple as drag and drop – and when your custom view is finished, send the data to Excel for further analysis. 

Get even more value by sharing your analytics with colleagues in 5Share.  Forecast5 built 5Share for the express purpose of providing public entities with an opportunity to collaborate with data and analytics.  Learn more about 5Share

Position Control Analysis

With Business Intelligence To-Go™, Forecast5 delivers insights right to your desktop.

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